We specializing in design, manufacture, install energy system and solution services for residential, commercial, industrial and government building owners. We partner with industry, small business, universities, regional entities, and other stakeholders to identify and invest in emerging clean energy technologies.

At Powercentric, the design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of specialized systems and services.

The focus of the company is in developing and manufacturing power generators & power storage batteries and the advancement of 3D composite materials additive manufacturing methodologies. Fusion power generation enable the tapping of the perpetual energy with an integration of fusion system. The combination of Solar - Fusion with the aerospace technology approach toward power storage batteries is the game changer and a disruptive technology that evolutionalized the energy sector. These innovative combinations allow mobile power (electricity) movement to remote areas MINUS the high cost of infrastructure and maintenance

  • Design

    Our team with various specialized design and engineering disciplines capable of providing an efficient, easier to maintain, innovate and economical design.

  • Develop

    We are continually working with experts and partners in the industry to develop and provide our clients the most practical, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Manufacturing

    Our advanced manufacturing converts a wide range of raw materials, components, and parts into finished goods that meet market expectations.

  • Intergration

    We offer a full range of customized products and services that will be able to adapt customers current energy demand. The benefits of integrated energy design can minimize and reduce energy utilization cost and infrastructure.

  • Service

    Our team has extensive experience in consultancy and maintenance services along with our innovative products structure.

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