Researchers fired up over new battery

Capacitors store energy as an electrical field, making them more efficient than standard batteries, which get their energy from chemical reactions. Ultracapacitors are capacitor-based storage cells that provide quick... read more

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

“It was a really great experience to share what we do and to get kids excited about engineering,” Seymour said. “I think it also really helped me as a researcher to think about how I’m presenting what I’m doing... read more

A battery-inspired strategy for carbon fixation

Scientists working toward the elusive lithium-air battery discovered an unexpected approach to capturing and storing carbon dioxide away from the atmosphere. Using a design intended... read more

Battery breakthrough using 2016 Nobel Prize molecule

Silicon anodes are receiving a great deal of attention from the battery community. They can deliver around three to five times higher capacity compared with those using current graphite anodes in lithium ion batteries... read more

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